Detection method for peptide synthesis

UV Monitor
peptide synthesizer in the on-line detection device for coupling effects, such as the UV Monitor is often optional devices, customers may according to need to buy. Its function is to allow the operator to visually see each amino acid peptide synthesis of coupling effects and adjustments for a specific sequence of synthetic and eventually achieve the best results.
for users who are not familiar with peptide synthesis apparatus operation, UV Monitor is quite important.
test: no attachment peptide synthesizer users purchase online detection, can also be done using the test method determination of coupling effect of basic experiments.

Ninhydrin test principle
solid-phase peptide synthesis, mainly through the detection of free amino groups on the resin to determine connection efficiency, detection method, called Kaiser, whose test results, when free amino groups, displayed blue or reddish-brown (pro,ser,His).
Kaiser Kit includes: A,6% Ninhydrin ethanol; ethanol solution of phenol B,80%; C,2% 0.001M
preparation of pyridine in pyridine solution of KCN requires Ninhydrin treated heavy steam before use. Process, take a small amount of resin, add 2-3 A,B,C drops, 100 ° c heating under 1-2min, if the solution has a blue, or resin to appear blue, reddish brown, to indicate that there is free amino groups, otherwise connect entirely.
other methods for detection of free amino groups: TRINITROBENZENE sulfonic acid, picric acid by bromine Finland method

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